Run Cruncher

“To be fair, the start line atmosphere should have given me a big clue that this was a bit more extreme than other races. The rendition of the national anthem followed by a face-off with a Pipe Band  felt more like we were entering a battle zone than a running race…”


Abby Adventures

“I’d heard a lot of hype about MacTuff and will be completely honest – I didn’t believe any of it. Looking at the course map it seemed like a standard OCR. Mud, water, climbs and obstacles, fair enough in January, but still. It was a just an OCR…”


Outdoors Radar

“The race itself is definitely one of the most physically and mentally challenging things I have willingly put myself through. The obstacles are relentless…”


RAW Reviews

“It suddenly started feeling a lot colder, the fog was heavy..the wind had started to pick up.”


Solomon McNeil - School Show and Tell Review

Today I brought   my MacTuff Kids medals from all of my obstacle races that I do in freezing cold mud. I brought these in because  I am proud of what I did. it was 2016 when I did my first race and I have now done 4 races. they are held at Nock Hill race circuit and one in Ayr. I do monkey bars and face electric wires, water slide, wooden walls and climbing cargo nets and many more .  I have to run  3km.  we then have to finish by dunking ourselves in a water obstacle. The mud gets so deep that my dad and another boy lost their shoes and the boys dad had to carry him. We also get given sweeties half way round the course.  It is real fun to meet the other kids and help other kids out of the mud and over obstacles. I also dressed as batman for one race. At the end of the race I get a bottle of water  and my medal.  I get to see car and motor bike races sometimes when we finish the obstacle course and I get to eat a foot long hot dog and donuts. I raced with my dad and he cheers me on I also did one race with my friend Ben which was really good fun. I love it and this is what they look like.  these are the most special thing in my life.