We have a vision at MacTuff. We believe that OCR is for everyone. What first started as a passion to bring a new, challenging race to Scotland has developed into something much more. We are passionate about two things; being active, and engaging young people.

And so we created the MacTuff Outreach programme. With an idea that if we could bring OCR to school aged children throughout the country then we could in turn engage more young people, and their families, to take part in physical activity. To date, we have targeted over 100 schools in Scotland, with a view to target all primary and secondary schools by the end of 2017.

And we’ve not stopped there. Our vision is to target all school aged children, including those not in main stream education. We have held a number of outreach days with children from various backgrounds and varying activity levels, with one goal in mind – to give them the opportunity to explore being active in a way that they may not have come across before because we believe that all children have the potential to be great.

MacTuff HQ , Dunfermline


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